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Organic cotton is farmed without the mix of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, defoliants or fertilizers. It uses non-GMO seeds and leverages nature-based solutions to manage pests and build healthy soil. Check out items made of organically grown cotton from some of our favorite brands!
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Patagonia Fitz Roy Spec Tshirt - Men Patagonia Fitz Roy Spec Tshirt - Men's Price: $29.00Sale: $18.99
Patagonia Island Hemp Shorts - Women Patagonia Island Hemp Shorts - Women's Price: $59.00Sale: $29.99
Toad&Co Keyhole Dress - Women Toad&Co Keyhole Dress - Women's Price: $79.00Sale: $44.99
Patagonia Lliana Halter Dress - Women Patagonia Lliana Halter Dress - Women's Price: $65.00Sale: $38.99
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Patagonia Necessity Tank Top - Women Patagonia Necessity Tank Top - Women's Price: $45.00Sale: $31.99
Patagonia Stretch Shorts - Women Patagonia Stretch Shorts - Women's Price: $59.00Sale: $34.99
Patagonia Live Simply Whale - Girl Patagonia Live Simply Whale - Girl's Price: $29.00Sale: $16.99
Toad&Co Lightheart Shirt - Women Toad&Co Lightheart Shirt - Women's Price: $65.00Sale: $39.99
Toad&Co Swept Away Jacket - Women Toad&Co Swept Away Jacket - Women's Price: $119.00Sale: $89.99
11 Products Found
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