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Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoe - Women's

Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoe - Women's

A road warrior, the Brooks PureFlow 2 is a premier example of the lightweight, breathable mantra for running shoes. The PureFlow 2 is a juicy combination of classic comfort and innovative technology, pairing a sleek design with BioMoGo DNA that cushions each step. Discover the origins of the PureFlow namesake with this smooth, natural running shoe.

Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoe Features:
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Construction: Strobel
  • Anatomical last
  • Brooks DNA: A groundbreaking cushioning material that provides a customized ride for runners of all sizes and speeds. Working with BioMoGo, Brooks DNA responds to your every step, dispersing impact and providing ideal comfort and protection as the pace changes.

Brooks PureFlow 2 Running Shoe Technologies:
  • BioMoGo DNA Midsole: Earth-friendly midsole technology is blended with Brooks DNA smart cushioning to create a springy return and custom comfort. A non-toxic, natural additive in the BioMoGo compound encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away 50 times faster once it hits the landfill.
  • IDEAL Heel: A slimmed-down heel encourages a more forward foot strike, aligning you over your center of gravity
  • Toe Flex: One or two splits in the toe box enhance forefoot flexibility and empower the toes to function independently for better balance.
  • Nav Band: An elastic band wraps over the instep providing a comfortable, assured fit
  • Anatomical Shape: The shoe's shape contours the foot to provide true support and a glove-like fit.

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