Aquamira Water Treatment

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If you drink bad water on the trail, you’ll be laid up for weeks as you wait for the sickness to pass. That’s the best case scenario. That’s why it’s important to purify your water, and that’s why you need the Aquamira Water Treatment Drops. Using stabilized chlorine dioxide, these drops purify water. They use a more effective germicide than most other drops, and the water won’t be tinged with iodine’s awful taste. The one ounce kit treats up to 30 gallons, helping you refill your hydration packs even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.


  • Safe and easy way to treat drinking water when hiking or traveling
  • Stabilized chlorine dioxide blend is more effective than iodine and tastes better
  • Compact kit fits in shirt pockets and packs easily
  • One ounce kit treats up to 30 gallons


  • Active ingredients: Part A, Chlorine Dioxide 2.0%, other ingredients 98%; Part B, Phosphoric Acid Activator 5%, Other Ingredients 95%

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