Eagle Creek Pack-It Original™ Garment Folder Medium

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We used to throw all our stuff in a duffel bag and pray we could find something when we needed it. We don't do that anymore. Now, we've got the Pack It Original™ Garment Folder Medium from Eagle Creek. Designed to organize and secure your stuff, this garment folder packs shirts, pants, and other items neatly. The garment folder minimizes wrinkles, and it compresses your belongings to save on luggage space. A helpful folding instruction board makes it easier to pack your stuff too, and the folder's 300 denier fabric is incredibly durable. It can tackle even the roughest handling and still keep your stuff nice and neat.


  • Compress Wings™ offer 2-wing stretch compression
  • Typically holds up to 12 items
  • Helpful folding instruction board included
  • Garment folder compresses belongings and minimizes wrinkles
  • Quick-grab handle


  • Avg. weight: 426 g (15 oz)
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 in
  • Fabric: 300 denier polyester micro-weave

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