Gear Aid Seam Grip Sealer

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Seams can wear out and let water leak in, and even with completely new products it pays to inspect the seals. Nobody wants to find themselves and their stuff soaking wet, and that's why you should always keep a bit of seam sealer on hand. Us, we use the Seam Grip Waterproof Sealer from Gear Aid. Seam-sealing ensures total waterproofing, preventing water from leaking in. This adhesive permanently seals seams and leaks around tears, holes, and patches. When you're all alone in the wild, staying dry isn't just a luxury. It's a safety precaution, and that's where this stuff really shines.


  • Seals seams to ensure total waterproofing
  • Seals patches over rips, tears, and other leak-prone areas
  • Approved by the American Alpine Insitute
  • Includes applicator brush


  • Avg. weight: 28 g (1 oz)

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