Kenyon Klear Repair Tape

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You're on the eighth day of your three week loop in the middle of nowhere, miles from even remote civilization. Then, your insulated jacket rips, and now you're leaking insulation everywhere. It's okay though. You've got Kenyon's Klear Repair Tape in your pack. This clear and highly durable urethane tape works on smooth synthetic fabrics, patching rips in nylon and polyester fabrics. It even works on fleeces and vinyl. This tape is abrasion resistant, UV stable, and highly durable. Your jacket might rip again, but this tape won't.


  • Repair tape for use on smooth synthetic fabrics, fleece fabrics, and vinyl
  • Patches holes and rips
  • Tape is highly durable, UV stable, and abrasion resistant


  • Dimensions: 3 x 16 in

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