Marmot Basic Work Glove

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The Marmot Basic Work Glove is a classic all leather glove, great for stacking wood and clearing trails. The Basic Work Glove is lined with Marmot DriClime for comfort and additional strength.


  • DriClime Bi-Component Wicking Lining for Breathability and Moisture Transfer
  • Falcon Grip - Articulated for Dexterity and Ease of Grip


  • Weight [large]: 5.2 oz (147.4 g)
  • Material: Pigskin Leather 0.6
  • Lining: DriClime 3-Dimentional Wicking Lining


  • A family of uniquely plaited bi-component knit fabrics engineered to mechanically draw moisture away from your skin to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. As moisture moves from the inner fabric touching your skin to the outer fabric, it spreads out across the outer fabric to speed the drying process. DriClime never stops working; it continually passes moisture through to the outer surface for fast evaporation. It is not a finish that washes or wears out; it works forever.
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