Pistil Clara Knit Brim Hat - Women's

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What do you wear when you have to walk your dog in a snowstorm? It’s not as easy a question as it sounds. First, you need something warm and cozy. That’s easy enough, but what do you do about the snow falling into your eyes? Us, we’d choose our nicest brimmed beanie, and that means choosing the Clara Knit Beanie from Pistil. This hat’s acrylic and cotton blend fabric traps warmth, feels extremely soft, and is cozy in all the best ways. Its short brim looks super cute, especially when paired with the button accents, and it serves a more practical function too, keeping snowflakes from getting into your eyes.


  • A classic knit brimmed cap with cute button accents
  • Tab logo on side


  • Circumference: 22 in
  • Fabric: 80% acrylic and 20% cotton

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