Therm-A-Rest Ridge Rest SOLite Sleeping Pad

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A bunch of us tried sleeping without a pad once on the cold, hard, and unforgiving ground. We all woke up with a crick in our backs, and we had spent the entire night shivering. We also woke up wet because of the condensation from the lost heat. The point of this story: we never did that again, and now we always bring the Therm-A-Rest RidgeRest SOLite Sleeping Pad with us camping. It doesn’t just pad the ground; it also provides a layer of insulation underneath your body, preventing heat from leaching into the dirt and escaping from your sleeping bag. The pad’s aluminized surface actually reflects heat too, pushing it upwards back towards your body and your bag, and the ridged design enhances the pad’s insulating properties. Even better, this pad’s about as durable as it gets, and we wouldn’t hesitate to call it nearly indestructible. It also rolls easily, and it adds almost no weight to your pack.


  • Aluminized surface boosts warmth, reflecting heat towards your body
  • Ridged design traps heat, providing enhanced insulation
  • Lightweight and easily carried
  • Incredibly durable


  • Avg. weight: 14 oz
  • Dimensions: 20 x 72 x .625 in
  • Packed dimensions: 20 x 8 in

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