Toad&Co Merritt Sweater Skirt - Women's

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A lot of things change in the autumn. Leaves change color and fall. Temperatures cool. Pumpkin spice appears at every bar and coffee shop. Things change, but there’s no need to surrender the easy fit and comfort of a good skirt. When the weather cools, Toad&Co still has you covered with the Women’s Merritt Sweater Skirt. The non-mulesed merino wool fabric retains warmth extremely well, and it breathes well to prevent overheating. The skirt’s patterned fabric also adds depth and dimension to an outfit, transforming your style into a popular standout. An elastic waistband translates to an easy fit, and the 17” length falls just above the knees.


  • Elastic waistband
  • Length: 17”


  • Fabric: 100% non-mulesed merino wool

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