It's been a long road and twenty-three years, but we've closed our doors at 296 Elm Street in New Haven, This was our first location and the last to sport our original Trailblazer name and logo. This decision was not made lightly and is in no way a reflection of our community's consistent loyalty and support.  

Moving forward, under the name Denali, we will remain dedicated to New Haven. Denali will continue to support local nonprofits, host the Banff Mountain Film Festival at the Shubert, and Run the Gauntlet at East Rock Park. New Haven is our birthplace and we will remain faithful to you and our community. We'll continue to own and operate Patagonia New Haven too, and you can find us at any Denali location. You're always welcome to stop by and say hi!

Thank you so much for your support. We'll always stand behind our community, work to build memories, and host events to inspire and connect our outdoor family. That will always include New Haven.

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