Zoggs Predator Flex Goggles S/M

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You could try free diving in the open ocean without swim goggles. You wouldn't be able to see anything. Your eyes would sting from the salt. You'd be sorry you didn't have them when you come back up for air. When you really think about it, they're a necessity. You need them. You need the Zoggs Predator Flex Swim Goggles. With their unique 4 Flexpoint technology, these goggles have a flexible frame that wraps comfortably around the human head. The curved lens provides undistorted peripheral vision, and the anti-fog lenses won't fog up quickly like traditional lenses. These goggles are sized for small and medium width heads.


  • Unique 4 Flexpoint technology for enhanced frame flexibility
  • Curved Lens Technology provides undistorted peripheral vision
  • Larger frame offers super comfortable fit
  • Fogbuster impregnated anti-fog lenses for longer, fog-free swimming
  • Super soft silicone seal for ultimate comfort and fit
  • Easy-adjust silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort, and durability


  • Size: small/medium

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